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Chambersburg Search Engine Optimization or SEO

We live, eat, and breath Chambersburg Search Engine Optimization (SEO). At Superb Media Marketing, we’ll work one on one with you and your company to achieve 1st page rankings for locally searched keywords in your market. Most forms of advertising try to get business from everybody that sells a particular product or service and really don’t care how many they get. If you hire us, we only work with you and not your competitor for the keywords and geographic area that you wish to target.

Website design vs. Chambersburg Search Engine Optimization – SEO

There are some really great website designers in the Chambersburg Area.  Without optimization, the only people that are going to get to your website are those that you gave the specific website address to.  If that’s all you want then you don’t want to use our services.  The purpose of SEO is to appear naturally in search engines for specific words (called keywords).  When it comes to your website this is done through “on page” and “off page” optimization.

Chambersburg Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

On Page Chambersburg Search Engine Optimization – SEO

This is how your keywords appear on a single webpage, the emphasis that’s put on them, the frequency, and the density that they appear.

Off Page Chambersburg Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Off page optimization is other websites linking to you for using specific keywords in the anchor text.  Depending on the source of the link, depends on how much clout that link is worth.

Superb Media Marketing has it’s roots here and prefers to be a Chambersburg Search Engine Optimization expert helping local companies dominate their local market.  It’s always better to deal with someone you know and that can stop by and see you face to face vs someone 3 timezones away.

So, if you think the Internet might be around for awhile and would like to make an investment that is not a one time shot and then disappears, and your interested in using a local Chambersburg Search Engine Optimization expert, give us a call..

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